& then there was… www.thickerthanuraverage.com! I’m so excited to announce the launch of my personal style/ lifestyle blog! After a swift kick in the rear from @donijo, it’s here! I hope you all will support me as I combine a few of my passions, fashion & writing! Hang in there with me as it’s a soft launch, got some tech stuff to figure out, but i’m still leaping & waiting for my net. “The only thing standing between you & your goals is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself.”#WeDontDoExcuses

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she gave me life in this moment, idc idc idc

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Rula Jebreal, Foreign Policy Expert, Newsweek/Daily Beast on Real Time 1/28/13

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We love when Kanye West tweets. Happy 10th birthday to The College Dropout.

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"I no longer wish to be loved childishly. I want to be loved with the strength and charm of maturity. I don’t want to be smothered by the fear of jealousy and insecurities. I don’t want a relationship based solely upon shutting the world out and locking each other in. I want to be somewhere where I can breathe. Where, even in the midst of a million people with a million heartbeats surrounding me, I can still know the sound or even play the tune, or nod my head to the rhythm of the one I call “home.” I want to call you home. I want you to be the third house, built on rocks, cemented together, the one that won’t shake or be dismantled by inclement weather. I want you to be fearless with me, to grab my hand and walk through everything with me. I don’t want to be loved like at every second you’re scared to lose me. I want to be loved with the confidence of the narcissistic, with the faith of unorthodox Christians. I want to be loved hard and rough with enough trust to fold this planet in half. I want to be loved bad. But not in the way that everyone assumes to be okay. I want to show you the ways in which I like it done. I want you to do it til I’m satisfied..I want you to trust me, and let it magnify. I want to be loved in a way that’ll last and without the weight of the past. I want to be loved like whatever we have is fated with an intensity nothing can match. Love me like I’m a sure thing.


Angel Haze.

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All true.



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